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  • Testing without mocks - databases

    Databases are at the heart of most LOB applications, and so they should also be at the heart your unit testing strategies. In this post, i’ll go into some of the mechanics of how to test without mocks. But because I’m finding that this is a huge topic, this post only focusses on persistence (databases).

  • Stop making a Mock<things>

    I don’t like mocks anymore. I used them heavily in the past, but now that I’ve moved away from this approach, my tests have become a lot better. In this post, I hope to convince you to do the same. In a future post, i’ll describe better ways to test.

  • Testing Small or Testing Big

    A challenge I find when designing my testing strategy is at what level should you test? Do you test each class individually or do you group classes together into components and test the api boundaries of these components? The challenge here is of course, the bigger the scope of your tests, the more meaningful (and I would argue valuable) they become, but also the more difficult certain edge cases are to test.

  • Testing tricks

    In my previous post, I expressed some characteristics of well written tests. In this post, i’d like to show some techniques to help achieve these characteristics. In a future post, I’ll try to focus more on techniques and patterns to avoid.

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